Real Madrid: Karim Benzema has with claws! 2

Praised by the Spanish press for his excellent match against Athletic Bilbao, Karim Benzema returned to competition with big ambitions.

Karim Benzema back with a bang for Real Madrid

Karim Benzema back with a bang for Real Madrid

Goal scorer and passer decisive Saturday with Real Madrid, Karim Benzema has regaled the Spanish press yesterday. Between “The great recital Benzema” signed Marca and Benzema described as a “football for four hands” by El Mundo , the French succeeded his comeback. Karim Benzema could be a threat for Manchester City at the Champions League.

Asked after the meeting, however, the French preferred to highlight the convincing performance of Merengues. “Most important is that the great Real Madrid last season is back.We have done things “ , he said in comments relayed by Marca and when asked if this match against Athletic Bilbao is the most successful game since he wears the jersey of the Casa Blanca, the former Lyon color ad.

“I can not say that it is the most complete game I made because I made other equally decisive.But the most important thing is that after my adductor injury, I felt good physically. For fifteen days I need to feel again the pleasure of playing. But my best game is coming! Saturday, in the shower, I was already thinking about Manchester City. “ That is, if Benzema is motivated.