Manchester United – Ferguson: ‘Mourinho can coach any team’ 3

Announced to be on the departure at end of the season at Real Madrid, José Mourinho would probably take on a new challenge in the coming months. But where?


Manchester United - Ferguson 'Mourinho can coach any team'

Manchester United – Ferguson ‘Mourinho can coach any team’

As we wait, ‘The Special One’ may have the full support of Sir Alex Ferguson: “He could coach any team. I make no prediction of what will happen in the club. He has a very strong personality. The number of trophies he has won in 10 years is amazing. How old is he? 50 years? 20 less than me. If he continues at this pace, he will have won 42 more titles than me by the time he gets to my age … It’s crazy. I remember his first news conference at Chelsea. I said to myself: ‘He has balls, “says the coach of Manchester United.