What is the best 11 that ever played for Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson 3

Today we are looking at the best 11 that ever played for Sir Alex Ferguson.

Manchester United's best 11 under Sir Alex Ferguson

Manchester United’s best 11 under Sir Alex Ferguson

There were so many good players to choose from, and part of Sir Alex’s success was they way he was able to make the teams mesh and the balance they had defensively and offensively. Your choices can be two fold. Choose the best players and create a formation that suits you or both, the team with the players that worked well.

If you look at the list i’ve put forward, there are so many good players I have left out, but it was a hard choice, but I’d definitely like to mention a few of the players i’ve left out. Andy Cole, Wayne Rooney, Dwight York, Rio Ferdinand, Mark Hughes, Bryan Robson, Paul Ince, Dennis Irwin, Van De Saar, just to name a few, and so that you all know they were definitely taken into consideration. What about Kanchelskis, any body remember him?

Now look at the players I have actually put forward, i’ve always said, the best form of defense is attack. Could that be the best midfield ever, Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, Cantona and Beckham, with Ruud Van Nistelroy and Cristiano Ronaldo up front. Unstoppable?

Well here is your chance, let us know who your top 11 players are?