Kaka, Beckham and Balotelli to revolutionize the attack of AC Milan 2

AC Milan is definitely looking for new players to regain its former glory. At least for the moment, there are more suggestions than concrete facts.

Kaka, Beckham and Balotelli to revolutionize the attack of AC Milan

Kaka, Beckham and Balotelli to revolutionize the attack of AC Milan

Three names are everywhere in the press, and these three names will make the Rossoneri supporters dream: Kaka, Balotelli and Beckham. Now there can be no doubt that the club is working to grab the opportunity to bring the three stars in Milan. Berlusconi was clear: “We have focused on young people, but I think that this month there will be a significant increase in Milan,” .

Regarding balotelli,  the most difficult part will be to persuade Manchester City to accept a loan with right of redemption that could solve, or at least, defer, the troubles related to the cost of the bill . The English club does not intend to sell for less than 35 million euro Balotelli to Milan.

Kaka, the Brazilian playmaker wants to go back  to wear the shirt that made ​​him great in the world. In Madrid, he’s not great. He plays only a little and José Mourinho has already given his clearance to let him go.  Most probably it will be on a two-year loan at no cost with the right of redemption. Two years, not one, to allow Real to not suffer a financial loss to the possible return to Spain of Ricardino. In 2014, his taxation  will rise from 25 to 50 percent.

Kaka will say yes, it is almost a certainty. Indicative but not decisive in this sense, the words used a few hours ago by the wife of the player: “Hello Milano, see you soon.”

In the new 4-3-1-2 formationr  (playmaker Kaka, behind Balotelli and El Shaarawy), there might be room for David Beckham, another star that has be proposed to the leadership of the Rossoneri in recent days. The former phenomenon of Manchester United (38 years old) still has the ability to bring a significant contribution to the cause of AC Milan, and his experience would certainly be a plus comfortable in the big match of the Champions League against Barcelona, ​​that Kaka would miss because of his previous involvement with the Real. Too bad that the coach Allegri seems to have vetoed the deal. Beckham is not convinced.