Gareth Bale where will he be recruited? 6

He might only have 23 years, Gareth Bale has already European football at his feet. The Tottenham midfielder, author of 21 goals in 33 Premier League games this season, put the dishes in large in this year.

The war has begun in who will take the Welshmen

The war has begun in who will take the Welshmen

Winning more than ever as the best player of the championship English. Surprising then to see him turn around European heavyweights.

The Welsh international is indeed no lack of suitors, since he says that Real Madrid would be more than warm to the idea of ​​recruiting. Florentino Perez would also entrusted this mission to Zinedine Zidane, with the disposition of the former number 10 of the Blues with a check for €70 million. But if Zizou wants enlist the Spur, he will have to act quickly, because behind the competition grows more than ever.

Thus, according to the Daily Mirror, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United are all three loans to all the madness to get hold of Gareth Bale. Thus, the three giants in the Premier League would be willing to offer no less than €94 million to convince Andre Villas-Boas and his direction to release their man to do everything well. At this price, we must admit that there is something to think about.