Mourinho wants to bring Drogba to Chelsea! 0

Chelsea have approached their former striker Didier Drogba, and would aim to make it back to London.

Mourinho would like to see the African back to London again

Mourinho would like to see the African back to London again

It is no secret that Chelsea are looking for a center forward. Jose Mourinho does want to build on Torres, and therefore seeks a renowned scorer but until now, the Portuguese coach and its leaders have multiplied failures on the market for Cavani, El Shaarawy, not to mention the track leading to Wayne Rooney, who is complicated. The Blues then struggle to get hold of the right profile, but there is always one that particularly attract. And it would be neither more nor less than that of Didier Drogba.

The Ivorian striker, 35, is now in Galatasaray but kept in good contacts with Mourinho. Proof is, as revealed in the Sunday Mirror Sport, the former OM went last Monday in London to meet privately with his former coach.

This is further proof that Chelsea are considering practical to repatriate their former striker. This does not seem to displease the main interest: in January, when Chelsea was already trying to get him back, Drogba had assured him that “it would be nice, I would still help the club.