The shocking and sad life story of Mario Balotelli 19

This is a true story, the story of Mario Balotelli. It is a tragic story, very sad indeed, and I hope that after reading it you will see him differently. This is for the mockers, the critics. If only you understood his background and how much he suffered you would not be so harsh on him. But be encouraged, because in spite of a very hard childhood Mario has become a superstar. I hope you will be inspired by this true life story.

Super Mario is born-Balotelli (right) aged three years old.

Super Mario is born-Balotelli (right) aged three years old.

In the old precarious  council flat of Thomas and Rose in Bagnolo Mella, in the suburbs of Brescia in northern Italy, we can see photographs of the family on the walls.

There are pictures of their four kids— Abigail, 22, Mario, 19, Enoch, 17, and Angel, 11. But Mario is always in the centre. We can see him as a baby, as an infant and as a kid, kicking the ball and wrestling with his brother Enoch.

But Mario no longers bears the name of  Barwuah. He is a Balotelli now,  surname  he has taken from his foster parents, the Balotellis.

The player we all know as ‘Super Mario’ says his biological parents abandoned him when he was two years old.

Balotelli with his proud foster parents as he gains Italian citizenship.

Balotelli with his proud foster parents as he gains Italian citizenship.

Mr Barwuah, a Ghanaian man, Mario’s  real dad says with emotion as he picks up a picture of his long lost son:

‘Mario had spent hours playing football in the rain,’ said Mr Barwuah. ‘When the boys came in they were soaked but they were laughing and joking despite being wet. My friend said to Mario, “You really are Super Mario”. It’s the name we gave him.’

Mr Barwuah is proud of his son, but very sad. Indeed,  Balotelli has only invited him to one game when he was still playing for Inter Milan, a game where he only played the last 32 minutes.

The proud father of Mario Balotelli-Thomas Barwuah.

The proud father of Mario Balotelli-Thomas Barwuah.

‘He turned up one day with four tickets and he gave them to his brother, Enoch,’ said Mr Barwuah. ‘I asked if I could come and watch and he said that Enoch had the tickets and he could do what he wanted with them.

‘He has never remembered us. Not a birthday or Christmas, nothing. He is not the same boy I knew when he was younger — always laughing and smiling. He was trouble but in a good way.’

The Balotellis, his adoptive parents,  were a white Italian family who could offer baby  Mario a future which Mr Barwuah and his wife could not give him, because of poverty.

Mr Barwuah said: ‘At first we were not sure but we decided it was probably best for Mario. We saw him every week and we all got on really well.

‘We thought that at some point, once things had sorted out, Mario would come back to us. But instead, every time we tried to get him back, the Balotellis kept extending the foster time.’

At first the Balotellis were meant to keep Mario for an extra year, but they were rich and had lawyers on their side. Each year they extended the adoption period and Mario gradually became a stranger to his own parents.

Balotelli with mother Rose and brother Enoch.

Balotelli with mother Rose and brother Enoch.

‘We couldn’t afford lawyers to fight for us, so Mario grew more and more distant,’ he said.

‘He would come and visit and play with his brothers and sisters but he just didn’t seem to have any time for us, his mother and father.

‘We wanted him back for more than 10 years but, every time we tried, the courts blocked it and as the years passed he became colder towards us. The Balotellis know

people and are influential and we could do nothing.’

Balotelli decided to turn his back on his Ghanaian origin. He took the surname of his adopted parents and played for Italy’s Under 21 side.

His foster mother, Mrs Balotelli  said once: ‘He was born and raised in Italy but had to suffer the humiliation and hardships of being considered a foreigner.’

In 2008, on his 18th birthday, Balotelli became an Italian citizen, but his real parents, the Barwuahs were not invited to the ceremony.

‘We didn’t know anything about that until we saw it on the news,’ said Mr Barwuah. ‘I didn’t even know he had taken the surname Balotelli. I thought he would still have our surname.’

In 2008  Balotelli claimed during a television interview that his birth parents had abandoned him in a hospital. He added that they were now only interested in his money.

Mario Balotelli has come a long way to become a football superstar who plays for Italy and AC Milan.

Mario Balotelli has come a long way to become a football superstar who plays for Italy and AC Milan.

‘If I didn’t become Mario Balotelli then Mr and Mrs Barwuah would not have cared about me for anything,’ he said.

Mr Barwuah said: ‘Mario was convinced we had abandoned him in a hospital but that’s just not true. That is the Balotelli family putting something into his head and it really hurts.

‘We have always loved Mario but he has changed. It’s the Balotellis — they have made him turn against us.

‘How can he say we just want to know him for his money? It’s not true. We don’t want any money. We are Christians.

‘Do you know what he has started saying now? That we beat him as a child. It’s a lie. We never touched him. We would never beat him. We gave him all the love we could.

‘We have done nothing wrong. We want more than anything to have our son back but now I think it’s too late.’Mr Barwuah said.

‘Like any father, I wish him well. I was so proud when he joined Inter and I am still proud of him,’ he said.

‘I don’t want anything from him. I just want us to be how we were.

‘We did not leave Mario. Why would we have these pictures of us together?’

  • Mathew Kasonta


    • ngosa victor

      hope mario will reconsider his position. Mbesuma for Zambia did it. hope for the best.

  • Osego Cyril Mosweu

    Hmmm…if they raised him the christian way…he should know that what he doing is wrong…and if he feels they did him wrong, he must forgive.

    • ETtakeoff

      What rubbish, this has nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with what he is comfortable with. You cannot force a relationship with people you don’t really know. The article indicates that he was adopted at a very young age. Thus, his foster parents are his real parents. They put in the time and effort into raising him and guaranteeing his future. I feel for the biological parents, but that is what it is. They should not expect him to come skipping back to them because they were the ones who gave birth to him, there is no bond there. Then of course there are the feelings of abandonment that Mario had to deal with as a child not to mention as an adult.

  • Thumbiko shaba

    really sad if itstrue. it shows his mind is colonised by the white colour. he seems to be

  • Kafui Alomenu

    I dont think this should be left to be a media judgement. Mario needs to sort things out with his birth parents but the world can never know the entire story with a few paragraphs from a media article

  • carostevez

    It is very sad, he need to forgive,he have to know that they are his birth parents.SO FORGIVE AND FORGET

    • Jasonlona

      im sure it depends on what his foster parents said to him,its not easy for a black boy to turn his back on his people unless he has been influenced negatively..

  • Quophi Beng

    hmmm… who should we believe now, but with me i believe his real parents because with the pictures and what his real parents say you can feel the truth in all that. so he should just know that blood is thicker than water. Even if the foster parents polluted his mind,he his now matured and know good from bad and can think,observe and decide. so he should think twice about it. so sad

    • ETtakeoff

      And so if you were to see pictures of him with his foster parents, would that satisfy you?

  • paulin

    whatever happened has nothing to do with the love of parents. His father went all the way to Italy from africa because he wanted better life for himself and his family including Mario. should he think about that he will act differently.

  • Jasonlona

    He should accept his blood parents, once in ever humans life, mistakes do happen, we be at fault to other people and we expect to be forgiven, mario should forget about every humiliation he’s gone through and accept his parents back,, not going to stay with them and giving them money, but resolving issues and communicating regularly will be enough for his blood parents..the whole truth i believe will one day prevail.. God have mercy

  • Denis

    its very bad when you disown the parents who brought you in this world…..despite the hardship they undertook……

  • baboloki

    very sad, indeed..

  • baboloki

    this is sad, sometimes being poor is a problem but Mario should understand that even animals knows their parents and will always flock together.

  • Benji

    I believe Balotelli needs to forgive his real parents even if what he thinks of them is not true or true, in any case he had a better chance at his carrier than with his real parents. He needs to get rid of the pain he has towards his parents and enjoy life as it come.

  • Mosimanegape Lucas Seitshiro

    Sad story indeed. I realy dnt wanna take side on this issue mainly because someone is not telling us the truth. The decision liase with Super Mario now to find the truth and nothing else but the truth move on with his life. There are certain issues in life that cannot be left un attended like this case of Mario. He need to knw the truth of the matter.

  • David

    Hmmm Life and it stories sometimes get’s our head on the chopping board ..Only God can bring this to an end in the world of whites … I want to ask Balotelli if truly he was abandoned in a hospital a the age of 2 where from the picture with His brother Enoch and the mother and himself is that an editing where did they get that from ..
    he should know he is black no matter what the case is white man will do everything to get your life in his hand even when he has the good for you your good belongs to him ..
    Just like Balo’s life have been taken from him by his Forster parents ..
    Sorry Mr Barwuah Leave your boy to go if he still wont understand your words we were all broth to this world by someone but at the end we all belong to one person and we are to live life on our own when we grow and he is to see us through life goes on Mr Barwuah Mario or no Mario You always have God on your side you might not have money to buy lawyer today but always remember you have the great judge in this life who will finalize all case after life on earth he is God So just keep your dreams up he will help you

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