Clint Dempsey leaves Spurs for the MLS 0

American Clint Dempsey has decided to leave the EPL and Tottenham Hotspurs and return to the America and play for the Seattle Sounders in the Major League Soccer (MLS).

American International Clint Dempsey in pensive mood

American International Clint Dempsey in pensive mood

The move to bring Dempsey back to the MLS ranks as one of the biggest in the history of the league, right behind that of David Beckham. Dempsey, arguably the most successful American abroad, decision to return is seen as a massive shock and surprise, especially as he is still in his prime. To add to matters, the move to leave Spurs comes barely 12 months after Dempsey engineered a move to leave and join Spurs. Dempsey was adamant in demanding a move from Fulham for a more progressive and ambitious club. He got his wish and moved onto Spurs. He hd a good season, not great, and came up some big goals for Spurs.Most noticeably in the Europa league. at Spurs. For him to up and leave one of the top leagues in the world while still in his prime.

Financially it appears to be a fantastic opportunity for both Spurs and Dempsey, where Seattle are reportedly paying a $9 million transfers fee, with Dempsey set to pick up an $8 million annual salary.

With Dempsey about to turn 30, this may his last big pay day and the timing may just be right for him to return to the United States. With the added incentive of the World Cup coming up, getting regular playing time under the gaze of US team manager Jurgen Klinnsman’s, might be another good thing.

From a quick glance, the move appears to be a surprising one, but upon closer inspection, it is clearly a win-win for all parties involved. The Seattle Sounders get a top rated US striker, Spurs get a huge transfer fee and Dempsey gets a massive contract. Even MLS benefits as they get a top ranked and recognizable player, in his prime signed and in their league.