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Cristiano Ronaldo debut game at Manchester United – Video3

Does anyone remember Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut for Manchester United. I remember watching this game with great anticipation and then going away from it thinking, this kid is going to be one of the best. Not only was it an exciting, confident, energetic performance from someone making his debut, but look at the stage and in […]

Football – A game of inches – Part II2

With there being such a fine line in the game we love so passionately, why does this man stand in the way of progress? In the first part we discussed there being a fine line between success and failure. We also briefly discussed some of the consequences. Football is a billion dollar industry and when […]

Football – A game of inches.3

The ball strikes the bar and bounces inside the line and then out. The goal Keeper flounders like a fish out of water, is it a goal? Who knows, it’s at the referees discretion, depending on the referee’s line of sight, how he/she is feeling and not necessarily the facts. Welcome to football. To many […]