What Separates Messi, Pelé and Maradona? World cups5

Having achieved so much, Lionel Messi is now down to just inches when being held in the same light as the greats. Having already eclipsed Pele’s goal scoring record of 75 goals in a calendar year, set in 1958 and overcome Gerd Muller’s record of 85 goals in 1972, he now heads the list. A […]

Pep Guardiola could be coaching the National Team of Brazil4

But what about coach Pep Guardiola? A man of his caliber, could he be interested in this position? Asked by Lancenet, a relative of the former coach of Barça shows could he could not be more clear: "The only team in the world he would be willing to train tomorrow would be the Brazilian team. If he leads the squad, it will win the World Cup, you can tell the president of the Brazilian Federation. "