Kick It Out shirt snub costs Rio Ferdinand 2 weeks wages 1

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson will fine the defender £220,000 which is equivalent to the same fine Ex-England Captain John Terry was forced to pay due to his racist comments.

Rio Ferdinand boycotts anti racism campaign and is slammed by Sir Alex Ferguson

Rio Ferdinand boycotts anti racism campaign and is slammed by Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson, was furious with his former captain after he openly refused to wear an anti-racism T-shirt.  This happens very soon after John Terry’s case was dismissed in court, however, he was fined and banned 4 games after a second hearing this time by the FA.  Also in recent developments, John Terry accepted his fine and docked pay with and apologized for his use of language, but there was no direct apology to Anton Ferdinand. 

SAF (Sir Alex Ferguson), who on Friday had condemned the Reading striker Jason Roberts for publicly stating he would snub the Kick It Out T-shirts, claimed his England defender had let him down.

“We’re all wearing the badges and he goes and lets us down. But we’ll deal with it, don’t worry about that. I’m very disappointed because I said in the press conference yesterday that the players would be wearing it.”

So what made Ferdinand and other fellow professionals choose to boycott which in essence seems to be supporting their cause?
My thoughts are, Ferdinand believed the campaign to be severly undermined due to the recent actions and developments over the past few weeks, in which case, who can blame him, but SAF who lives under the same jurisdictions enforced by the PFA seems to have taken this to heart as a slap in the face of the gaffer.
Sir Alex criticized Roberts saying. “I do not know what point he is trying to make or if he’s trying to put himself on a different pedestal to everyone else. He really should be supporting all the rest of the players who are doing something. He is sending the wrong message.”

I definitely see both points of view, if the kick-it campaign is undermined by their actions, how does it help anyone to ignore that and boast a t-shirt, ultimately, actions speak louder than words, right?  But then it’s better doing something than nothing…  What are your thoughts?