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A belated signing from star forward Theo Walcott and the lack of trophies in recent years have hurt Arsene Wenger’s popularity amongst the respondents from one of the Gunners biggest supporter groups with only a FIVE percent approval rate, making him one of the least popular managers in Arsenals history, despite being the most successful Arsenal manager ever.

Arsene Wenger looks on as his Arsenal team are indifferent

Arsene Wenger looks on as his Arsenal team are indifferent

41% voted that he should continue if he were to change his signing policies which emphasis is on youth signings and unknowns and have helped Arsenal birth the likes of Van Persie, Theo Walcott, Fabregas, who at to everyone were unknown but under the guidance of the French Mastermind were transformed into world beaters.

Wenger who has been manager of the North London club since 1996 delivered an abundance of trophies in the early part of his reign but the trophies have dried up and now even entry into the Champions League has been very hard to come by. He is also the only manager to deliver a totally unbeaten run in a season, not even Sir Alex Ferguson has been able to repeat the feat and yet the Arsenal faithful are restless.

Achieving financial stability has been one of the top priorities for the club, but fans insist that without cups and championships it means nothing. They do overlook the fact that at one point Arsenal were struggling even in the transfer market and were unable to compete with the likes of the United’s of this world with their resources, they are able to now but choose to stay devoted to a policy that has brought them success, on top of that they were able to pay for a stadium and still be financially above-board.

In the light of all of this, the fans are still hard to please. Are the Arsenal faithful, faithful?
Is Arsene under appreciated and undervalued, or do the Arsenal fans have a point. Is success on the pitch more important than the financial stability of a football club? I would like to hear your thoughts.