Is it time for Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger to go 3

Arsenal lost 2-1 to their north London rivals in a game that just might be the watershed moment in Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger’s career. The result leaves the Gunners in 5th place, 7 points behind their north London neighbors Tottenham, and for the 1st time since 1995, the possibility of Spurs finishing ahead of Arsenal in the table is a real possibility. With only 10 games remaining there is also a real possibility that Arsenal may not make the Champions league.


Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger holding his head in despair

Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger holding his head in despair

For a club that have been so dominant both domestically and on the European front, not making the champions league would really signify how far Arsenal have fallen.  Dropping out of the Champions league would dramatically affect the club in numerous ways. It would impact the club financially as the money the Champions league generates is upwards of $50 million. Failure to qualify, would also drastically affect the type of talent that Arsenal could bring to the club and also make it difficult to hold on to the stars they currently have.

However, the fall did not happen over night. It has been a steady decline over the last 5 years where Arsenal have gone on a process of selling off their top players while replacing them with lesser quality players. Last summer’s selling of top striker Robin van Persie, to Manchester United, almost certainly confirmed that they were no longer challenging for major honors and could almost be classed as a selling club.

Arsenal are experiencing their worse premiership run in the Arsene Wenger reign and they have come to a point where serious investment in the club is needed to bring quality players into the club or the fate of dropping down the table and becoming a club on the outside of the top 5 or 6 spots, trying to get in, currently what Liverpool and Everton are experiencing is a real possibility .

Wenger has been a great manager for Arsenal and also for the premier league, but Arsenal must now be asking the question; Is it time for Arsene Wenger to go?

Crucial decisions lie ahead for Arsenal.