FA was not Fair with Suarez? 6

Just Comparing with other similar incident, John Terry did a racist attack on Anton Ferdinand and just got banned 4 games .

FA was not Fair with Suarez?  He got a 10 games ban for biting Ivanovic

FA was not Fair with Suarez? He got a 10 games ban for biting Ivanovic

Roy Keane who did a brutal tackle and almost broke Alf Inge Haaland during a Manchester Derby was just punished with 3 games. And the last but the most similar case is Jermain Defoe biting Javier Mascherano and got no punishment from FA.

Here the video of Roy Keane:

And this from Jermain Defoe:

Seriously FA?

  • nasiruaahmad

    Yeah but what he did is unfair too
    and the FA have to take note

  • Yes Suraze is been given 10 match ban cos he is not an English man.If not why should d FA go to inhuman wt such a Ban.He did apologized to Inovic & d guy accepted his apology.There is to much Sentiment & Racism in disguise by the English FA especially when the noticed dat you are not an English player. I see suraze moving out of EPL ds summer.

    • bros….this season suraze have done many unfair offences in EPL e.g. intentionally stepping on opponent, insulting officials/FA, scoring with is hand, hard tackles but the the FA let off him….but now his cup is full let him face it. and do you know that he have faced the same ban with the same offence before!!….so why are you blaming the FA!!! Ask Suraze why he did that and he will tell you the truth behind it….HE JUST WANT TO LEAVE LIVERPOOL.!!! that’s why he intentionally did that childish mistake….f*****k HIM

      • Learn How To Spell His Name Before You Start Slagging Him Off. You Thick Cunt

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