Does Neymar and Messi work? 8

Finally all the gossip conjecture drama razamatz (is that even a word?) came to fruition when it was finally announced on the morn of this Sunday that an agreement had been made between the two clubs, Santos and Barcelona, to sign the talented Brazilian forward (Neymar) for a deal worth close to £50 million.

Neymar looking forward to a new challenge

Neymar looking forward to a new challenge

The final fee hasn’t been disclosed as of yet, contracts not signed, but Barcelona are hoping to conclude the saga as soon as their season ends on the 1st of June.

So now that we know where he is going to be playing his football next season, the question comes in to play, how will he fit in to the Barcelona system. As we already know, and it is no secret, Barcelona play a total football style of football, attacking from the back and defend all over the park, everyone can and is able and will score in that team.

Of course, most of the goals are channeled through their talisman, Messi, but Neymar is an individual, will they be able to harness that talent and make it work within their system that has meant so much success.

Barcelona’s website described Neymar to be a creative attacker and goalscorer, a player of fine technique and outstanding style. “He is recognised by many and has been eulogised by Pelé, whose successor he is considered to be,”

Big words from a big man in the sport, although he (Pele) has said some funny things in the past.

The World Cup always hovers when Pele's name is mentioned

The World Cup always hovers when Pele’s name is mentioned

Neymar is extremely creative, loves to attack, can play anywhere in the midfield or upfront. A lot of the goals for Barcelona have come through the little Argentinian, so I presume they will try to offset some of that and ween their dependency off from the one player. If you read some of my previous articles, namely the one on Barcelona being just an average team without the superstar, I think they see that too.

Can they both play in the same team together is the main question, and of course the answer is yes!!
However, the way Barcelona play may change somewhat, and probably for the best. Barcelona play with 10 midfield players in essence with Messi simply an anomaly. Neymar has the desire and zeal of a goal getter, he won’t pass the ball if he doesn’t have too, especially if he is in the penalty box, he will go straight to goal, and I think that is exactly what this Barcelona team needs. Also, it will take a lot of pressure off of Messi and the rest of the team when it comes to scoring goals, especially as burden is hugely on Messi.

Neymar and Messi at one point foes and now on the same team

Neymar and Messi at one point foes and now on the same team

My predictions are that this will be exactly the type of signing they need and will take this team back to the top, so long as there is no injury or loss of form. It won’t be too long for him to settle in, because he is already a great player, and for great players they will adjust in any situation. The question isn’t will it happen for Barcelona, the question is how soon before they are back on top?!

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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