A Shocking Story about Didier Drogba 20

Didier Drogba in an interview for ‘Against Racism’:

Didier Drogba in an interview for 'Against Racism'

Didier Drogba in an interview for ‘Against Racism’

“It happened in the time I played for Chelsea. One day we had a public training and many fans were there to watch us.

A young boy waved, so I just went over to him, I thought he wants an autograph. When i stood in front of him i asked him ‘Hey young mister, do you want an autograph?’ He called me a Nigger. His father got angry and told his son that he mustn’t say this word. I told him I’ll do this. I went on my knees and looked the young boy in his eyes and said ‘Look, I’m black and you’re white, now i’ll show you something…’ I took his hand and led it to my Chest…. ‘Can you feel it? I have a heartbeat – like you. I have two hands – like you. And I have two feets too – like you! When I get hurt I say ‘ouch’ – like you do! Do you realize something ??? We’re both humans, no matter If I’m black or white.’ The boy started to cry and ran into his father’s arms. He had tears in his eyes too. I gave the young boy my jersey as a sign of my respect”

  • Nijo Offside

    i like that didier u r such a hero

    • Elvis Wood

      You re an example to others. You reacted with mutual character.continue.

  • Ntalasha Matunda mulenga

    Didier i am touched…if we could all react to adversity with humility like you did… Goodness and peace can cover the all world

  • yunus

    didier iknow u ur aman of few word but action speeks, what u did was agood leason to mister younger man and his father and all his friend, were the same just color but nothing. thanks so much.

  • Muhamed Hajji

    I thought that was brilliant didier,pure class

  • Dradri Andrew

    class act response never heard of it before, so touching hope others learn from it your a true hero in action

  • rudge

    what amazing answer!!!!!

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  • ali

    A true hero in this act of football,u will always be remembered Didier.

  • Jean Manmi

    Respect # legend !!

  • Maboy

    These are all folk tales…

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  • Marsmavis

    Different colours, one people

  • micheal

    great legend,lesson for young players,respect

  • Tepson

    That’s it……

  • Joe

    u are a true legend and wise …..am not your fan on the ground but am always moved by your actions and wisdom…..

  • Pen Is

    didier is an model of that all people in world should do

    they call him nigga and he doesnt get angry pure class

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