Wayne Rooney, Should he stay or Should he go? 0

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney continues to dominate the headlines as he continues to be at the center of transfer speculation after new manager, David Moyes publicly stated that Rooney would be second in the pecking order to Robin van Persie. More fuel was thrown on the fire when Chelsea submitted a formal bid and claimed that Rooney was their only summer transfer target. All through it, United, Moyes, maintained that Rooney was not for sale.

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney fighting frustration

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney fighting frustration

In the last 6 months of Sir Alex Ferguson’s United reign, Rooney’s fall from grace was evident as he was consigned to being 2nd option behind Robin van Persie. And at every opportunity Ferguson, did not deter from driving the point home, punctuated by Rooney, not even being among the starters against Real Madrid in the Champions league quarter finals. Instead losing his place, to of all people Nani. Sir Alex explained the reasons for his decision as tactical, but there was no fooling anyone. Fergie was making his point, loud and clear. Rooney was second best.

From being United and Fergie’s top man, to low man on the totem pole was a massive blow to the Wayne Rooney ego. The love and affection that was once heaped upon him, was now being heaped upon Van Persie. In the wake of it, Rooney’s performances dropped even further. The once bubbly and lively Rooney was looking a shadow of his former self. Drudging down the sideline with his shoulders hunched, after being substituted, “again”, became a familiar sight.

To end his misery, Rooney wants out of United. But therein lies the dilemma. Where can a superstar making top money go? His options are severely limited to a number of clubs throughout the world. And the number of Englishmen that have found success abroad is a short list.

The top Spanish clubs can afford him, but the odds of him signing for Barcelona or Real Madrid are very unlikely. The same goes fur Germany’s Bayern Munich. Bayern , certainly have the means but, already have a young dynamic squad and wouldn’t need an aging Rooney. The name of mega rich Paris Saint Germain was thrown around as a option, but with Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the fold, and the imminent purchase of Cavanni on the cards, that doesn’t appear realistic either. Rooney in Italy, with some of there big clubs, not likely and no interest.

That leaves the billionaire British clubs Chelsea and Manchester City. Former City boss, Roberto Mancini had made overtures, but he’s not there now and new boss Manuel Pellegrini has bought strikers elsewhere.

That leaves, Chelsea, where this week, new, second time around manager, Jose Mourinho made a bid for Rooney, but was rejected by United. But even their interest seems to be more about destabilizing United rather than really wanting Rooney.

So where does he go from here? He’s currently at one the top clubs in the world, where he is one of the highest paid players. If he can work out his differences with Moyes, Staying at United might just be his best and most viable option.