Rafael Benitez; EPL “Unsung” Manager of the Year3

Sir Alex Ferguson, for his accomplishments with Manchester United has rightly been awarded the manager of the year. But the manager who has done a fantastic and successful job under the most difficult of circumstances; the award must go to Chelsea's Rafael Benitez

A tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson5

Read our poetic tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson. Pretty versatile for just a football blog 😛 Be appreciative of your youth and do not despise the age of grey. Less grumbles and bitter whines when growing old, a privilege that is starved of so many. Thankful for the good times and health that is bestowed. […]

In Moyes, We Bet2

Fergie, Bobby Charlton and Manchester United board have already selected David Moyes as the new manager of Manchester United. Many famous names had been mentioned to replaced Fergie in Old Trafford, starting with Mourinho, Klopp, Jupp Heynckes, but why Moyes?

It’s the dawn of a new era as the king has abdicated his throne in this week’s EPL Preview3

The battles for champions league places and the fight for premiership survival rage on, but in the wake of Sir Alex Ferguson’s resignation from Manchester United, everything else pales in comparison. The Londoners Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal fight for the remaining two Champions league places. Arsenal and Chelsea sit in pole position, while Spurs currently […]

Why David Moyes?446

Well so much for my predictions, but after overcoming the initial shock of Sir Alex Ferguson’s announcement to retire and then the even bigger kicker of the announcement that followed and his fellow Glaswegian taking the reigns, I have to come to terms with it and by doing so I will try and understand why? […]