Premiership preview including, Man Utd, Southampton vs Chelsea, Reading vs Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur vs Swansea City 3

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Allie: Thanks Alejandra! We are back to the business of the EPL (English Premiership League) this week. As we mentioned last week, Manchester United with a 15 point lead now, do you think they are going to take it?

Roderick: Oh Ye absolutely, 15 points clear, less than 9 games to go, united will seal it.

Ali: Yes I agree.

Allie: Do we think there is a pretty good contender for the second spot as well?

Ali: Manchester City, they have almost got that second spot sealed. It’s not done and dusted yet, they have still go Manchester United to play at Old Trafford, but I can see it going their way.

Roderick: I agree City will take second place.

Allie: Well let’s talk about the last two spots, that’s a little bit more interesting, because we have three teams competing for those spots.  First off we have Arsenal hosting Reading, what do we think there guys?

Ali: Well they are hosting, so they have an advantage there.  Reading, second from bottom, it’s going to be hard for them to go to Arsenal and get a result.  Arsenal are typically good at home.

Roderick: Yep absolutely, a month ago we wanted to run Arsene Wenger out of town, worst manager, worst season in Arsenal’s history, but considering that they could still win fourth place.

Ali: Is that a sign of a good team?

Roderick: That’s sign of a poor league.

Allie: So what do we think the scores are going to be?

Roderick: I’d say Arsenal 2-0.

Ali: I’d say 2-0 aswell.

Allie: Ah they are agreeing! Well let’s move on, Southampton vs Chelsea, let’s not forget, Southampton really need this one.

Rod: As much as they do, this Chelsea squad is very much a veteran team. They have management issues, they have player issues, but somehow they get out there and put out results.

Ali: Absolutely, they’ve got that Jose Mourinho grip that was installed into them so many years ago and it hasn’t left.  It doesn’t matter which manager comes and which manager leaves, they still have it, so I agree with Roderick with this one as-well.

Roderick: Sadly Southampton are in that relegation battle.  I think they were wrong to get rid of their previous manager, and I think it will come back to bite them.  They are in the relegation battle.

Allie: So Ali do you agree with that one? What do you think the score will be?

Ali: I’d say again 2-0.

Roderick: 2-0? I’d say 2-0 too.

Allie: Ahh 2-0 too? We are two for two!  In our final game, we have Swansea City versus those Spurs.  Do we think Spurs are getting nervy?

Roderick: Yes, it’s kind of sad for Spurs, because they have had a good season, they came off a great 12 game run, but they came unstuck at one point in time.  They are in a two game losing streak, they lost to Liverpool, they lost to Fulham, they need a win, they badly need a win!

Ali: Have they scored in the last two games?

Roderick: Absolutely, they lost 3-2 to Liverpool.

Ali: Swansea, they have nothing to play for have they? Except for maybe putting a spanner in the works.  I think Tottenham are going to be jittery, I can see this being a Tie.

Roderick: Well Spurs are jittery but I think to really get something out of this season, they gotta win this game.

Ali: They have to win this game.

Allie: Well sounds good, very interesting guys, that about wraps up this review, we will catch you next time.

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Premiership preview including, Man Utd, Southampton vs Chelsea, Reading vs Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs vs Swansea City

Premiership preview including, Man Utd, Southampton vs Chelsea, Reading vs Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs vs Swansea City