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Ali played his football in the lower leagues in the UK with the likes of Belper Town and Ruislip Manor. He was forced to retire early due to injury and took up MMA, with underground fights in California and made his pro debut in Dallas. Moving to the US to pursue his dreams. Ali runs one of the top youth player development academies in the US and also coaches for one of the top youth clubs in the country, The Dallas Texans, with his U16's beating the India National team in the prestigious Dallas Cup and winning State Cup. Ali is also a published author.

As a die hard United fan it is hard trying to explain to people that despite my London accent, I was actually born in Manchester. Oh well.. I wouldn't believe me either. But it's true. I am definitely a thinker of the game, my favorite coaches are of course Sir Alex and the Special One. My favorite player of all time is Zinedine Zidane. My favorite United player was Eric Cantona, anyone remember him? Probably not, you are all too young :P My least favorite united player is Evra. Had to throw that one in :)

What do you get by reading my articles, just a different perspective. I don't do or say the conventional. I like to delve in deeper and try and consider all perspectives. Thank you for following us on Football Deluxe. I really appreciate all my fans and people who write to me, I always write back, so long as you are not making as ass of yourself, in which case you don't need my help :)

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